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A3 Magazine - Issue 1 - The Dreamers Issue

A3 Magazine - Issue 1 - The Dreamers Issue

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On the cover of The Dreamers Issue is Andre D. Wagner, a photographer living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Wagner chronicles the poetic and lyrical nuance of daily life, using city streets, neighborhoods, parades, public transportation and the youth of the twenty-first century as his visual language.

The inaugural issue also includes print features on entrepreneur Telsha Anderson, creators of Black Boy Fly (Joshua Renfroe, Fred Sands IV and Curtis Taylor Jr.), founders of Grounded Plants, surreal graphic artist Elise Swopes, visual artist Alteronce Gumby, muralist Dwight White II, multi-disciplinary artist Malanda Jean-Claude, visual storyteller Jared Malik Royal, and Azia Javier, founder of A3.

Also included is photography by Ike Edeani, Silas Vassar III, Joshua Renfroe, Pierre Edwards, Adeline Lulo, and Malanda Jean-Claude.

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